Surfacing Dressing in the UK

What is Surface Dressing?

Over time, private roads such as carparks and footpaths wear out. The cracks appear on the surface dressing, which means the roads should be fixed by a surfacing professional. This way, the road becomes stronger and safer for pedestrians and drivers to use. Surface dressing involves the application of a coating of hot bitumen on the surface.

This service extends to farm roads and footpaths in country estates. While owning vast pieces of estate is admirable, it is important to create footpaths to make the properties accessible. British Tarmacadam applies tarmac and tar overlays to roads that have deteriorated over the years

With over 20 years' experience in the industry, we have undertaken a variety of jobs for clients within the government, commercial, private and public sectors and British Tarmacadam are the best people to speak to whether you require high quality tarmac, bitumen or any other road surfacing material.

Our professional team are employed directly and have undergone training to ensure we meet stringent safety standards and our projects are to the highest level of workmanship, no matter how large or small

About our Surface Dressing

Road surface dressing is now a long-established road maintenance technique for repairing private roads, domestic and commercial roads as it provides the following benefits:

  • A waterproof seal to the surface of the footpath or carriageway
  • Enhances skid resistance of the surface by creating texture and depth
  • Avoid the penetration of water and damage to the underlying foundations
  • Enhances the appearance of the footpath or carriageway using its naturally coloured aggregates

At British Tarmacadam, we focus on delivering a surface dressing service that works for every one of our clients. By investing in high quality materials, processes, and equipment, we ensure that we deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Pothole Repairs

British Tarmacadam can provide a variety of different pothole repair services to both private and public sector clients.

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Road Surfacing

We provide commercial and private road resurfacing, offering road maintenance services in the local area for over 20 years.

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Car Park Surfacing

We offer a fully comprehensive surfacing package, ranging from minor patching repairs right through to major phased resurfacing works

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